Often my writings become parts of performances or disappear in a hard drive to await further development.  This space serves a two-fold purpose:  to reveal my writings and to inspire new ones.

on acting...

poem for the moment...

Poem for the moment...

From atop the tower babbling I never wished for heaven.  From atop the panicked acme I was just looking for a party.


So, now that I don’t understand what anyone else is saying, it is not so different from before when I didn’t seem to speak your language anyway.


So why is everyone crazed – running – descending – I know what to do as do you, know brick makes walls and we can climb higher – a minute ago I knew and now has not changed – And what is wrong with touching God?  Unless it is the fear of discovering we must build that too.                     



Murmurings of a madman

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