Patrick Porter is an actor, educator, and multi/interdisciplinary artist working in multiple modes of performance, photography/visual arts, poetry, and electronic music.  Born and reared in Shreveport, La., he has lived and worked in NYC for 20+ years.  He is fascinated by the beauty surrounding him, especially that emanating from the quotidian, ignored, or overlooked, and is inspired by the theatricality of life which presents itself outright, or more subtly, as obscured by society's perception of banality in situations, places, objects, beings, persons, etc.  It is this tension between cultural/social/imposed and individual perceptions that draw him to investigate not only varying embodied realities that often occur simultaneously within a person during performance or everyday life, but the manipulation of these.  Patrick draws on his eclectic education, life experiences, the natural world, southern upbringing, and the peculiar outlook of the queer to present ways of making/re-making and perceiving/re-perceiving the world.

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