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Patrick is passionate about storytelling, and I always leave a session armed with insight and the tools to deliver!”

— MJM, coaching client

When I have an audition and want a deeper understanding of the material, I work with Patrick. His broad knowledge of various acting techniques, and being a brilliant actor himself, help bring an unparalleled level of analysis to each script. Working with him, I’ve booked so many jobs - ranging from working at a renowned Shakespeare Company to Feature Films. His attention to detail and specificity is fabulous! ”

— JCB, coaching client


Teaching is a give and take, a speaking and listening, a sharing and receiving.  Teaching is an exchange, a conversation. It requires the agility to adjust the course of action that is planned in order to address the questions that arise in the learning process.  This conversational, reciprocal relationship in which knowledge is shared and utilized develops and is possible through simple trust:  trust that the teacher is honest, humane, passionate, and interested, not only in the subject, but more importantly in students learning something regarding.

I am passionate about performing and about teaching various modalities of it. 

My goal as a teacher of performance, be it acting, musical theater, performance art, adding embodied components to visual arts practice, etc.,  is to enable students to discover and claim their artistry.  By doing so, I seek to facilitate a student's subjective understanding and way of working as a performer, or in whatever field their life "practice" turns out to be.  My classroom is a space of facilitated conversation.

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NAVIGATING THE SHARED BODY: ACTING IN THE BALANCE Thesis - MFA Performance and Performance Studies - Pratt Institute, June 2018 149 KB

coaching. consulting.

I provide extensive private coaching for theatre/screen professionals and performing artists, including audition preparation and role preparation.  My consulting work focuses on devising performance and/or integrating performance elements into traditionally non-performance forms, this can include research assistance into the theoretical underpinnings supporting the performance work.    


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