digital photography/visual art

Digital photography was the medium that drew me into making visual art which for me includes photos, video, drawings, doodles, painting and the process of accumulating or assembling them together in sculpture or on the larger scale of installation, which exceeds a mere “visual” experience.


I specialize in creating images that capture poetic glances and interventional suggestions or POVs within the frame, most frequently within the urban environment where I live. Whether presented “as captured” by the camera or after computer manipulation it is my aim that these images offer the viewer glimpses beyond the merely obvious, toward a consideration of “seeing” anew.

Photobook out now!

Return To Death Valley

A photobook with Poetry


Back in 2010 I went to Death Valley. It was a time in my life when I was looking for the questions, much less the answers. I took a little color point-n-shoot camera. The magic of digital pho-tography is that you can change the world with a button. Years later (2017-18), on a whim, I began converting the photos I took in the desert into black and white images. That chance edit uncovered shapes, gestures, marks, textures, and presences not before experienced during my time in the desert. The black and white images allowed me to re-see, re-imagine, re-member, and perhaps, re-dream how the miraculous landscape of Death Valley at once humbles and enfolds all things into it - accepting without judgment any being who will simply open themselves to their individual insignificance in order to see into their shared part of an incomprehensible immensity. Through these images, the miraculous landscape of that place inspires me anew, and I can return there now, if only to re-mind myself that "nothing I am is unacceptable."



on paper

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